Red Rose Dinner

8th Nov 2019

Kirkham & Rural Fylde 41 Club Announce A Date for your Diary


November 8th in Lytham

“Red Rose Dinner? Red Rose Dinner?” we hear you say,” Surely that was only a couple of months ago?” -and you would be right.

However, we in Kirkham and Rural Fylde believe this year’s dinner to be an extra special one, as the 41 Club National President who is attending will be Andrew Mackereth, a member of Lancaster 41 Club.

A Red Rose is the Emblem of the County Palatine of Lancashire, the Royal House of Lancaster and our National President is from Lancaster at the heart of Region 5. A unique combination.

We would, therefore, like as many members as possible to join us on Friday, November 8th to enjoy an evening of Good Food and Fellowship to celebrate and support our, local, National President.

To that end, we are hoping that in arranging your Calendar of Events for the year you might consider making the Red Rose Dinner your November Meeting Night, and also publicise the event in your Club Directory.

Our chosen venue for the Red Rose Dinner is the Clifton Arms Hotel in Lytham. We know that many of you will need to travel a fair distance, and may wish to stay over, or indeed make a Lytham weekend of it with friends, wives, girlfriends or partners. With that in mind, we will be able to offer you some guidance with regards to local Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, etc.

In the near future we will be sending you full details of this special Red Rose Dinner, and also hope to visit you in the coming months. However, in the meantime, if you have any queries please contact our Secretary Martin Williamson at

Let’s make it an Evening of Fellowship to remember.

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