July's meeting (recap) 17-07-2015 Club news: Guisborough

July meeting: Footgolf at Stokesley.

It was looking touch and go weather wise and numbers were dropping out left, right and centre, but the clouds parted, the sun came out and the game commenced. Numbers were down due to holidays and injury. Mike Drake’s wife broke her ankle, Steve Hewison broke his collarbone after coming off his mountain bike, and Dave Camp was unable to take part after landing bare-foot first on a 3-pin plug, pins up, but still managed to hop along for the meal! Get well soon one and all.

So, how was the Footgolf? Really good fun actually. 8 of us took part and yours truly was odds on to win, leading the field with a fine all-round display of skill (and luck)…. until a collapse in form on the last hole in front of a capacity crowd, resulting in me tumbling down the leaderboard from 1st to 4th place and Peter Milburn winning. Scores ranged from 34 to 43 for the 9 (all par-3’s) holes. Over at the Bay Horse we had a super meal (thanks Mike Drake for arranging) with STACKS of veg and chips; nobody went home hungry. Fine beer too.

In attendance were me, David Becker, Dave Camp, Paul Dickinson, Mike Fox, Eddie Honeywell, Alastair MacKenzie, Charles McAnally, John Middleton-Taylor, Alan Milburn, Peter Milburn, Felix O’Hare & Rob Vincent-Jones. The raffle was won by Peter Milburn. A £1 coin was found on the Footgolf course by… yep, Peter Milburn! Makes you sick.