June's meeting (recap) 21-06-2015 Club news: Guisborough

June meeting: Bowls at Castleton.

After all the rain of the previous week, we were fortunate to have had a dry day and a sunny evening. After a delayed start, when we had to “break into” the bowls hut (after ringing round to obtain the passcode for the padlock) we managed to have a few “ends”. It was great to see the return of an old friend, a very relaxed, chilled out looking, Ian Cowie. Our Treasurer JMT was tempted to collect 4-years of subs but took pity and just charged for the current year!

After the bowls we retired to the Downe Arms for another beer and some food. In attendance were me, Russell Aitken, David Becker, Dave Camp, Ian Cowie, Paul Dickinson, Mike Drake, Mike Fox, Tony Goodacre, Steve Hare, Eddie Honeywell, Alastair MacKenzie, John Middleton-Taylor, Felix O’Hare, Rob Vincent-Jones, Eric Walker & Philip Wallwork. The raffle was won by Eddie Honeywell.