It's murder out there tonight! 13-08-2015 Club news: Petersfield

Last night saw an array of the members meeting at the 221b Square Brewery pub to be given the instructions for the evening's social event, namely a "Super sleuth - find the murderer " thingy.  Most of us just wanted to stay in the pub, but after getting the "you will enjoy yourselves whether you like it or not!" talk by the organiser - Mr "Spam Hands" Robinson, we reluctantly dragged our weary bones around Petersfield to collect the various clues as to "who, why and what" happened.

Eventually, after bumping into lots of other Ex-Tablers, who clearly had no idea what was happening, trying to collect the clues via the wibbbly-wobbly-web, we ended up back at the Spice Lounge curry house for a fine collection of dishes and beers.

Another great event of fun and fellowship, despite most of us not having any idea of what we were doing - so no real change there!

Heres to the next event - probably "heart surgery for beginners" to be held in the Pub. 

PS: Bring your own Dettol.

Paul Buck - Press and PR