Meet the Chairman 2020-2021 - Robin Holcombe

I joined Thatcham Round Table in 1982 and then transferred to Abingdon Round Table in 1984 and in the ensuing years I have really enjoyed and benefitted from being part of Table and 41 Club. This is my second stint as 41 Club Chairman (the first being in 2005/2006) and I look forward to a year of great fellowship and the usual fun and banter. The start of the year has been clouded by the coronavirus crisis and we were not able to hold the AGM in April when Geoff and I could have had a proper handover. Fortunately with the help of modern technology we have been able to hold Zoom meetings during the lockdown period and, whilst not ideal, it has enabled us to keep in touch with our pals (including our man in New Zealand).

As soon as life is back to normal, I and the committee would like to arrange a varied programme of events both sporting and cultural (to include our ladies where appropriate). With the hope that we can finally decide on a fixed meeting venue, it would be good to spread our wings and have one or two “away” meetings at other pubs or restaurants in the area. As usual, guests are most welcome to attend our meetings and other events.

It is usual to provide a profile of the Chairman but since retiring I have become a bit of a boring old fart with few interests apart from family (and the wife), gardening and home maintenance. I have also been known to play the occasional game of snooker.