Region 13 - Caretaker - Duncan Kennedy

Region 13 is the southern half of Wales stretching from Aberystwyth in the north to Fishguard in the west and Newport in the east.

The majority of Clubs meet once a month for a dinner and to catch up with old friends.Some regularly have speakers and indeed one (Swansea) meet twice a month the first being a business meeting where all officers (mirroring those on Table Council) give a report and the second being a dinner meeting.

Those with a feeder Table do tend to have some degree of connection with Table to a greater or lesser extent.

Some are involved in community service projects but most tend to support their Table with fundraising rather than doing any themselves.

Quite a number have international connections either through 41 Club or more usually following on from their Table days.

The Clubs represent a wide range of locations from big cities to small towns and as with Table everyone is assured of a very warm welcome at whichever Club they visit.