Region 15


Now that Tom Atkins has moved onto the National Board in the position of the National Councillors’ Liaison Officer I have taken on the role of the Region 15 National Councillor.

I hope that I can carry on the good work that Tom achieved during his 3 years in the post.

Again this year Neal Lowe, Nuneaton 41 Club and former RT, board member, is my assistant and will accompany me to some meetings and arrange to come and visit the clubs that I cannot get to with time constraints.

My Region covers the old Round Table Areas, Midlands Shires Area 45 and Heart of England Area 35. This is a geographical area covering Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, and parts of Staffordshire and Leicestershire. There are 39 clubs with some 900 members. 

Mel Williams and members of Heart Of England Club are organising the 2nd Regional Dinner at The National Motorcycle Museum on 16th February 2018, please make sure that this date is put in your diary so we can have a great night of fellowship likely last year.

In my 1st year as National Councilor I would like to visit as many clubs as possible in the region and welcome contact from the clubs to let me know their diaries. Some clubs have already sent me their diaries and it shows that there are a variety of meetings happening in the region and not only ‘dinner meetings’. It also shows that much fellowship is happening between clubs in the region with many sharing at least one other meeting with another club.

Please feel free to get in touch if you or your club has any issues that you wish to discuss with me or maybe discuss for you at a National level.

Yours in Continued Fellowship

Andy Ventress