Region 5


My area is Region 5 and it covers some of the most stunning and picturesque places in the British Isles.......but I'm not biased!

Region 5 covers from The River Ribble to Carlisle and from the West Coast to The M6 corridor approximately.

The Region has 30 clubs throughout its area, with approximately 10 active Round Tables, these numbers were accurate at the time of printing but do fluctuate. Ribble And Lune 41 Club are a new club recently formed and are very active.

41 Club has a membership, in Region 5, of 600 plus and Round Table have 100 members in the same region.

Keeping The Round Tables open is a challenge but wherever possible 41 Club is there to assist at any promotion or events such as Firework Displays and Christmas Float collections etc.

This Region will be hosting The National Conference in April 2017 and it will be excellent!

Annually we hold our Regional Dinner "The Red Rose" each November and this year it will be held at The Imperial Hotel on Friday the 18th November details available from the main web site or myself.

My intention is to visit each club and give support where needed and to share in the fellowship...........that's what its all about after all.

Graham F. Sloan