Acceptable Website Policy

1. 41 Club provides National and Club Websites for several purposes:

a. As a communication tool to inform members of activities.

b. As a marketing tool to attract prospective members.

c. To advise the General Public of what we do.

2. The National site has private and public access. Registered members on our Club Administration System (CAS) automatically become Registered Users of the National site and can access the private areas. Any member of the public can register to view the private areas by completing an on line registration form.

3. Club sites also have public and private areas. However the private areas can only be accessed by someone who is registered as a member of the Club on CAS. Private areas are not accessible to the general public or anyone in another Club.

4. Each Club who takes advantage of a free Club site must appoint a Webmaster who is responsible for editing the Club site on a regular basis. Guidance on how to do this is provided by a manual, and support from the National Honorary Webmaster. Clubs must carefully consider the appropriate person to carry out this role who has the relevant skills and will ensure the site is regularly updated with appropriate material.

5. It is important that the content on the site is ‘appropriate’. Although this list is not exhaustive this means any content or images must not be:

a. Sexist

b. Racist

c. Ageist

d. Homophobic

e. Discriminatory or prejudicial in any way

f. Offensive in any way

g. Promoting any form of illegal activity

h. Containing swear words or bad language

i. Threatening

j. Violent

k. Politically motivated

l. Containing religious content or comment that may be viewed by some as insulting or inappropriate

m. Nudity

n. Graphic

o. Anyone in a compromising or embarrassing situation that may offend

p. Obscene jokes

q. Anything that offends the Data Protection Act.

r. Pictures containing children when the parent/guardian has not given permission

s. Promoting unhealthy activities e.g. smoking, excess alcohol intake, the use of social or illegal drugs etc.

t. Advertising of goods or services for personal gain

6. Content should be entertaining and informative. Suggested content may be:

a. Reports on meetings and visits

b. Details of future meetings

c. Profiles on club officers and individuals

d. Minutes of meetings

e. Contact details.

7. It is acceptable to publish e-mail addresses and ‘phone numbers, but not home addresses. However any member who desires his details not to be published must have his wishes respected. If a membership list with full details is published, this must be in the private pages to ensure the public cannot access it.

8. Private documentation e.g. minutes and local rules must also be held in the private areas so the public do not have access.

9. It should be remembered that our websites are in the public domain and could be viewed by anyone of any age, race, religion, political tendencies etc. Search engines are very complex and someone inadvertently may find something which may be innocuous to you but may be offensive to them.

10. Be very careful when using photographs. Unless taken by you or given to you by a member of your Club or other trusted source, the chances are that the copyright in that photo or those photos will belong to someone else and you will be laying yourself and your Club to a claim for breach of copyright if you use it or them. If in doubt, don't use the photo without firstly speaking to the National Secretary.

11. Should any Club receive a complaint about website content, the Club Chairman or another senior officer must investigate the complaint in a timely manner and take appropriate action to resolve the matter to everyone’s satisfaction.

12. The Club websites will be monitored by the National Honorary Webmaster who will ensure that Clubs conform to this policy. Anyone abusing the policy will have their access to edit the site withdrawn or the site switched off.

13. If you have any queries on this Policy, please contact either the National Honorary Webmaster ( or the National Secretary (