Millennium Way - Bridge Repair

A section of the Millennium Way pass through Alcester 41 Club territory and we are pleased to help maintain it as it meanders between Coughton and Inkberrow.

During one of our regular inspection walk it was noticed that one of the many footbridges was becoming dangerously worn. Worcestershire County Council, who have responsibility for public footpaths offered to provide skilled support and materials if we could provide the grunt.

It has to be said that Alcester 41 Club are more into management than labouring but notwithstanding, an excellent working party turned up on the day, no doubt inspired by the 50th anniversary of The Severn Road Bridge and in anticipation of some liquid refreshment later, they set to under the tutelage of the experts.

After several hours of unaccustomed sweat and toil the guys managed to complete and excellent piece of bridge re-construction. Well done guys!

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