Club Websites

One of the main criteria in the design of this site was to give the Clubs the opportunity to have their own websites managed through the same system, with the same look and feel, and also being an integral part of our National site.

This is now available for your Club to take advantage of. To see an example of what can be done, please look at the site for Abingdon. You can either reach this by its own address or via the National site by entering ‘Abingdon’ in the Club Search.

To take advantage of this free service, you firstly need to decide on a member who is going to manage it for you. Even if the task is not horrendously complicated, this person does need to have good technical skills and be ‘in the know’ of what is happening in your Club. A detailed instruction manual is available CLICK HERE.

Please discuss this at your next meeting. If you wish to take this facility up, please contact the webmaster at with the name of your proposed ‘webmaster’ and his contact details and I will be in touch.

Clubs who already have websites will tell you the advantage they give. They massively improve communication and allow information to be placed within it to provide reference. If you already have a website by changing to our system you can save the cost of web-hosting. Unfortunately we are unable to take individual club domain names on board.