Disafilliation Process

The first thing to consider is the relevant rules of the Association

Rule 4.9 Any Club wishing to disaffiliate from the Association will be required to hold a secret ballot of all full members of the Club. Should this ballot result in two or more members wishing to continue to be affiliated, then the Club should remain open and affiliated to the Association. Those members who do not wish to continue may leave but they would be deemed to have resigned from the Club.

Prior to your application for disaffiliation it will be necessary for you to send a note to Marchesi House and the National Membership Officer advising the date the ballot was carried out and that there were not at least 2 members who wished to continue the Club.

This application will then be taken to the next National Council Meeting where it will be discussed. If the application is approved all members of the Club with email will be emailed the result and will be advised of the following:

You will no longer be allowed to use the name ‘41 Club’

You may not use the rondel, or the name, on anything you do or publish

You may not wear any regalia or wear the 41 Club badge

Your members or club will no longer be insured for anything it participates in

Your members will no longer receive any newsletters or magazines

Your members will no longer be able to benefit from any of the discount schemes