Induction of a New Member

We have adapted the Round Table Induction Ceremony so it can be used when a new member transfers in and joins 41Club.
This ceremony should be done with a degree of seriousness and solemnity with Club members standing, and if dressed formally – wearing jackets. Members should charge their glasses with an appropriate drink prior to this ready for a toast to the new member.

The Induction should be carried out by the Club Chairman/President, however should a National Councillor or a member of the National Board be present – it is usually courtesy to invite them to carry this out.
The Club should ensure that a new 41Club badge is available for the ceremony.

At an appropriate time the new member should stand next to the Chairman/President carrying out the ceremony and following should take place: using the words below:

The Chairman/President officiating should say:

 “Gentlemen please be upstanding
[N] As a former member of [Round Table name] you are now to be received into membership of [name of club] which is part of the National Association of Ex Round Tablers Clubs.
Your acceptance of membership carries with it an obligation to uphold the Purposes & Objects of our Association which reflect the ideals that you adopted as a member of the Round Table movement.

The Purposes & Objects of 41 Club are:–
[i] to continue to promote opportunities for fellowship amongst former members of Round Table.
[ii] to encourage active involvement in the community.
[iii] to use our experience in support of the Round Table Family
[iv] to encourage international relationships.

Do you accept this obligation? [Response: Yes – I do].

Then in the name of our Association and of [name of Club] I welcome you into our fellowship. The presentation of this badge [place badge on suit lapel] is now a symbol of your connection with a world-wide Association of thousands of like-minded men.

Wear this badge at all times, and remember as you wear it, that you carry the good repute of 41 Club into all that you do - for this Association is judged by those who recognise you as a member.

Fellow members – please be upstanding. I commend [N] to you and ask you to drink a toast to him and remind you that the obligation he has accepted today is an obligation of which you should be equally mindful, for it binds you together in life long fellowship.”

After the toast members of the Club should applaud, and the new member may feel it appropriate to say a few words.