Region 16

I would count myself as a late addition to the RT family. However, in my short time with Stamford 611 I have seen our Car Show become part the town calendar, raising thousands for the local community and travelling into Europe meeting other tables, enjoying wine festivals and remembering our fallen comrades from past conflicts. Lest we Forget.

Now a member of the recently affiliated Stamford St Martins I have enjoyed the continued friendship that 41 Club brings with it whilst ensuring our younger brethren are not forgotten about and fully supported.

As the new regional representative for Mid Anglia I look forward to widening that circle of friendship and understanding the thoughts of all as to how to continue to move our wonderful movement forward so please, when we are able to again, do invite me along to your clubs, with my hope is to bring us together at a regional or national event in the future.

Yours In Continued Friendship

Paul Simmons