Chairman's Profile

Our new Chairman is Mike Franzkowiak. As a very keen member of Camberley 41 Club, Mike has been an excellent Speakers secretary and has served on the Fundraising Committee with enormous energy and commitment, both in maintaining the float and in organising and running the Door to Door Collections. Mike has always been an enthusiastic participant, with his wife Teresa, in all our social events and has rarely missed a Club Meeting. 

Mike hails from SE London and was latterly Head of Drama at Hampton School. His talents as a Rugby Coach took him to County Level coaching and also the Presidency of Camberley Rugby Club. Today his enthusiasm for coaching and sport led him to run the very successful Junior's section at Camberley Heath Golf Club.

Mike is adamant that over the coming months it is vital that we as a 41 Club Community make every effort to communicate with each other and share our hope and fears. We have our Contact List, which we can use, our Website which we can contribute to, our very caring Fellowship Officer Roger with John Carpenter and John Devlin (both past Fellowship Officers) and through these avenues we can keep in touch. As our monthly meetings and social outings are on hold, virtual contact is the only way forward and so he will do all he can to keep the Club functioning as well as it can.