Region 15

I’m absolutely delighted to be serving as National Councillor for Region 15. I came from Hinckley Round Table 129 and now Hinckley 41 Club, and whilst I’ve never held a national position before in either Round Table or 41 Club I’m excited to be able to contribute to our wonderful club.

I love attending national and international events, as well as visiting local clubs around the Midlands. I’ve always been keen to visit other clubs, even when I was a Tabler, as it not only gives us ideas of what we can do and other ways of achieving whatever it is we want to achieve, but it also increases our circle of friends and fellowship is the thing I like to promote the most.

I think that fellowship is even more important now than ever before, as we’re in a world of online communities and social media, there’s nothing better than going out to meet friends face to face, even those we’ve never met before.

I like us to remember why we all joined Round Table in the first place and continue that throughout our 41 club days. So, whatever type of club you’re in, whatever you do, whether it’s a dinner club or rally car driving, I’m keen to meet everyone and you’re all welcome to share your views with me so that I can further enhance Region 15 and provide a platform to connect us all to the National Board.