Region 17

National Councillor - Stuart Bizley

I am honoured to have been appointed to the position of National Councillor for Region 17 for the three years 2022 to 2025. I am look forward to visiting the clubs across the region in the coming months and catching up with old friends and making new ones so please invite me along!

I am currently a member of 3 clubs in the region: Norwich, Dereham & District and Founders Area Past Chairman all of which offer a different perspective on life in 41 Club. I originally joined Round Table in 1986 becoming a member of Norwich No 1 and then subsequently joined Dereham & District as a second club later in my Table career. I was Chairman of both clubs as well as being Area Chairman for 2 years.

In my role as National Councillor, I am looking to keep clubs informed of ‘goings on’ at National at the same time representing their views in the management of the organisation. I will also be encouraging members to participate in the wide variety of events open to us all be they the National Conference and AGM, the Sporting and Social weekend or the numerous other ‘special interest’ events covering such things as golf, camping and caravanning, walking, motor cycling and classic cars. There is a great deal of fellowship to be had at these events and I can personally recommend several of them. I will also be seeking to work with Round Table in Areas 6 and 41 to help deliver plans they may have to re-establish closed Table clubs or form new ones and where I am sure the support of local 41 Clubs will be vital.

I have been appointed to the National Forward Planning committee and will be working with our Vice President, Steve James and the other members of the committee, in forming a Five-Year Plan for the organisation. This is an exciting as well as a daunting opportunity in helping to formulate a plan for the future of the organisation as a whole.

In the meantime, I look forward visiting you soon.