Region 23


Gents, I am honoured to have been elected to serve as your Region 23 National Councillor for Wessex and Channel Islands.

During my working career, mostly associated with the NHS, I enjoyed many active years as a member of Beeston Round Table No 573. The age rule coincided with me working overseas for several years before returning and joining Ringwood and District 41 Club in 2005 and then Showtime 41 Club in 2013.

Fellowship to me is what membership of the Four Clubs family is all about, the old adage of the more effort you put in, the more you get out certainly ringing true for me.

I am a keen conference attendee each year, renewing friendships and making new, and played a leading role in the successful organisation of the Bournemouth Conference in 2013.

Region 23 is geographically large, 39 Clubs. I am looking forward to responding to invitations to visit most clubs during my three-year term in office, supporting each club however large or small. Listening to members’ views and aspirations for the continued success and growth of 41 Club will be extremely important for me, so that I can properly represent members locally and nationally, actively encouraging and feeding back information.

Please do let me know when your Club normally meets, and when you are planning events so that I can share information with other Clubs, and show my face as often as I can.

May the hinges of friendship…….