Region 24 - SW London, Surrey, Sussex - Peter McBride


Hello - I am the Region 24 National Councillor and with 42 clubs and over 750 members it's one of the largest Regions in the UK.Our region covers the large geographical area of stretching right from Alton in the ‘West’ to Rye & Romney Marsh in the ‘East’, and from Egham in the ‘North’ down to the South Coast.

I'm approaching the end of my three years in the role, have managed to visit all but 2 Clubs within the Region and enjoyed some great evenings of fun and fellowship!  Many thanks to all the Clubs I visited... 

For the uninitiated, I’m married, with two children, four grandchildren.  In 2017, having spent over 30 years man and boy in Round Table and 41 Club in my club Wallington & Carshalton, I realised that I didn’t know that much about the broader workings, visibility and benefits of the National organisation of 41 Club (I may not be alone in this!).  Also whilst I know, have met and enjoyed some great fellowship with many of the clubs in Region 24, I didn’t have much visibility about what other clubs across the Region did.So as the role was becoming vacant, I decided to go for it… 

So here I am – at your service and I'm keen to visit your Club!

I believe good communication is so important and would like to visit as many Clubs in the Region again as possible. I’ve always enjoyed the variety of different Clubs’ meetings, occasionally give talks on the ‘water of life’ whisky as a hobby and am an enthusiastic golfer though still working to reduce my handicap of 15…

For my sins I'm also a passionate Crystal Palace fan - which A) has probably now alienated me to the majority of Region 24 members and B) has taught me how to deal with many disappointments in life!

I’m aware there is a lot of fellowship taking place in and between Region 24 Clubs which I would like to help raise awareness of and would ask all clubs to please contact me to let me know of their diaries so that I can plan the year ahead.  I’m keen to meet all Clubs and listen to your views, find out what your Club is doing and if required, see how I can support you as your National Councillor.

I can be contacted on or on 07710 063394.

Yours in well oiled hinges

Peter McBride

(Updated Spring 2020)