Region 6 Yorkshire


As you will see from my history, I have been a keen member of Table and 41 for a long time. Some might say too long. But there is still a place for jobs even at my age.

I am National Councillor for the second time and enjoying this second inning.

My endearing memories are presenting several charters to new clubs both in this three-year term and the previous one.

I also enjoyed twinning in Table, and staying with our opposite number in other countries. I started this up again in 41, in 1986, meeting up with our Table number 24s again. We do this bi-annually even now.

So my advice is “keep it up”, you're never too old!

I will be retiring from the council in 2019, at the AGM in Torquay, but will be my club's chairman 2019/20! I must be mad.