Region 9


Looking after our members at grassroots is something I have always been motivated & driven towards.

My journey through Round Table into 41Club continues to be a privilege by representing our members locally, regionally and around the world, who truly give the organisation the life and oxygen it deserves.

I joined Round Table at a very late point in my life in 2007 after moving from South Wales to Nottingham, like most wish I had discovered the fellowship earlier in my life. After supporting and resurrecting Beeston 573 to a strong position as chairman over a two year period 2010-12, I also had the pleasure of holding the position of RT73 International Convenor in 2010 for 12 countries, an event that any nation would be proud of putting together and that is point my international tabling really took off.

Then in 2012 I answered a call for help from RTBI for a National Media & PR Officer, which I absolutely enjoyed & loved being able to be creative for the members, bringing to life campaigns that are still used today, The “DOMORE” campaign and the “Ordinary Guys Doing Extraordinary Things” along with regional workshops and the digitalisation of tabler magazine, it was a privilege to produce the magazine for a worldwide audience.

Then the truly extraordinary took place, through my drive to support grass root members I stood and was elected as National President of RTBI, I was truly privileged to have had the opportunity to represent the members of GB&I which led to further new connections worldwide. Those friendships are as strong today as ever with over 33 countries travelled to in the last ten years. However back home achieving membership growth, not only in members numbers but also in the rejuvenation of clubs and areas was a big part of the work with the board at that time, something I am extremely proud of achieving.

“I recognised that our organisations mean different things to different people, for some it was charity, for others community but for most and the very reason I am here today, it is the fun and fellowship for life.”

Moving over to 41Club was a continued privilege Locally, Regionally and Internationally. So when 41club asked for my help, without hesitation I once again stood up for the grass root members to be a caretaker for the Lincolnshire Region 9 as I live on the border of the area and through my travels no so many great friends there, whilst I serve on the International Committee and still enjoy my own clubs fellowship with Beeston 41Club.

My aim this year is to support the clubs with communications and find a member who will step up at the 2019 AGM for the Councillor's Role. I am supported by an amazing group of supportive councillors and board members, all of who continue to give so much of their time to support the membership.

Community and friendships made mean everything to me!

Yours in Continued Friendship

Marcus Jones

Region 9 Caretaker Councillor

Past President RTBI