Honorary Webmaster - Mark House


Date joined Round Table: January 2010, Southend-on-Sea 106, later, joining Leigh-on-Sea Round Table too

Roles in Table include:

Local - Programme, Web, Treasurer, Secretary & Chairman

Area: Secretary, Treasurer and Programme

National: National Treasurer Committee, National Councillor, National Secretary and National President

Joined 41 Club in 2016 

Local 41 Clubs of Southend-on-Sea and Leigh-on-Sea

Roles: Member, National Councillor and Webmaster

Marital status:Married
Occupation (your principal job):Managing Director – Web Design and Digital Marketing & Digital System (and process) design for large and small companies
Marketing and Technology Director - Restaurant and Training Business (www.lubanrestaurant.co.uk)
Any other interesting jobs:I was a Director of a Multi Academy Trust
Employed, self-employed or retired? 
Hobbies (apart from 41 Club!):Watching West Ham
Hobbling about
Are you a member of any other service organisation e.g. Rotary, Lions etc. If so which?No
Any other interesting information: